what technique could the scrum master use

What Technique Could The Scrum Master Use?

Considering what technique can the scrum master use might be confusing when you’re on a team that is bereft of scrum master knowledge. Scrum Master is not like every other endeavor that one can get into and excel within a short period. Scrum Master ensures that you have the rudiment to work with teams and showcase excellent leadership skills.

Just as they say, a smooth sea can never make a skilled sailor. As a Scrum Master, you may not experience these roles unless you have been into them.

To become a proper Scrum Master, the listed arts below are what you must know to prove yourself. This tests your maneuverability and expertise to handle difficult tasks on different occasions.

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Art of mastering Scrum knowledge: To become a Scrum Master, you must Master the Scrum. A scrum master should be able to understand and articulate Scrum from the value perspective of the art. You must ensure that your team understands Scrum and approve it also.

Art of keeping a neutral mindset: A Scrum Master is someone who is empathic, sociable, and transparent. You must exercise the full arts of a leader in your team to carry them along.

Art of asking powerful questions: The Scrum Master is known to throw powerful questions, and open-ended questions thereby forcing the team to think outside of the box. You can throw an open-ended question such as: Who is interested? How can we solve this?” “Who can do this? and “What are the available options?”

Art of facilitating constructive disagreements: Youre to be a discussion enabler in your team if you want to become a Scrum Master. You should make your team contribute to discussions, generate options, and take rightful decisions.

Art of igniting the need for reflection: As a Scrum Master, you should coach your team on the benefits of a continuous improvement cycle. And also, make them to wanting to lead, and let them be persuasive in becoming a leader. You can achieve this with various innovative and creative techniques that will inspire them.

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Art of driving self-realization: If you want to prove yourself as a Scrum Master, you must lead them to be creative and productive. They should be innovative in thinking and provide ideas that work in certain situations.

Art of shielding the team: Your task as a Scrum Master is to be like a door that controls what the teams get and what they shouldn’t get. Remember, you’re the leader of the team, if they get distracted by external factors, you have failed in your goal as a Scrum Master. You should make sure your team is focused on their designated task.

Art of facilitation: You have to facilitate the Scrum implementation amongst the teams with the sole aim of their purpose. This will help your team to strive for excellence and to hit the goal. You can make your team more focused by applying some techniques like engagement, visualization, focus, and timeboxing.

Art of interpreting team behaviors: As a Scrum Master, you should understand your team dynamics and how to approach them. By understanding the team you have, you can coach them on a one-on-one basis to make them more productive.

Art of communicating: A Scrum Master is an excellent communicator. You will in most cases act as a middleman between your team and the product owner. So, you must learn the art of communication.

Art of listening: To be a Scrum Master means you must be a patient listener. You have to listen attentively to understand your team as they’re comprised of different kinds of people.

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Art of nurturing an environment for celebration: A Scrum Master oversees the environment in which their team works on. You provide a conducive and healthy environment and reward your team handsomely for their efforts.

Art of radiating information: You should master the art of radiating information to your team as this is essential for teamwork. Also, make sure that the information shared is utilized by the team effectively.

Art of building trust within the team: The Scrum Master will ensure that there is trust in the team he/she is leading. This will make your member courageous and can have their say when it matters.

Art of role modeling: The Scrum Master is seen as a role model when you’re coaching other Scrum Masters. You should act with integrity and without prejudice.

Art of influencing and enabling organizational changes: The Scrum Master should be an influencer. You should be able to influence and drive organizational changes. A Scrum Master should identify what works best and the ways it can be implemented in the system. Such changes can vary from the usage of resources to how team members are rewarded.

Art of exhibiting situational leadership: A Scrum Master should be pliable to fit every leadership situation. You should master the leadership stages of the team’s forming, storming, norming, and performing. You’re to work with the team in every stage as per Blanchard and Hersey’s delegating leadership style.

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This system of leadership is defined as situational leadership. Even the team won’t necessarily pass through these four stages on the go. They can swing into them at a point in time. Do well to understand the stage they’re in and utilize the leadership structure to coach them.

These are the techniques a Scrum Master must master to excel in his field. Scrum Master is more than a leadership role per se.

Their leadership styles ensure that they adapt to every stage of the leadership style. And at the same time coach the upcoming Scrum Masters. Just as the saying goes, “Don’t give me a fish, but teach me how to fish”. That’s the leadership structure of a Scrum Master.

Agile Leadership In Scrum Master

From the book, Leadership Agility: Five Levels of Mastery for Anticipating and Initiating Change. There are five agile leadership levels which are: Expert, Achiever, Catalyst, Co-Creator, and Synergist. The book was written by William Joiner and Stephen Josephs.

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From further research on the Agile leadership level, most people only make it to the Achiever Level. While today’s leadership structure required the Catalyst and Co-creator levels. To become a Scrum Master, you must master the Expert and the Achiever levels and go beyond to be instrumental as a servant leader and a change agent.

Final Thoughts

It is never easy to become a Scrum Master. Just note that this is a journey that will take years to attain the leadership level. You should see that your team is well organized as this will improve what your team can do to achieve greater results.

You should anticipate things beyond your team and set such things as your team target. This will improve their creativity and innovative mindset to help the organization with its Agile journey.

In an organization as a Scrum Master, you can coach the firm while you navigate through its organizational structure and internal control system. However, its never easy to reach this stage, but your investment in becoming a Scrum Master is worth it.

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