What Does A Coin In A Door Handle Mean

What Does A Coin In A Door Handle Mean?

Some historic facts about car legends won’t just pass away with time generations continue to recreate them, assuming various meanings and interpretations. For instance, you may have seen a coin in a door handle and would have wondered what it meant and may still be wondering. In this article, we will throw some light on it.

There are many legend stories about coins in car handles, and it is something that everyone will like to know, especially if you are curious as I was before knowing about it. 

Urban legends about cars in parking lots

Most stories from car legends are terrifying. For instance, the tale about a stick statue family decals that target people for sex trafficking purposes. When the misconception spread on social media. People became nervous and were hell-scared of putting the decals in the car.

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Another legendary story about car myths is the one that has to do with zip ties or wires tied to the car door handle. It is said that as the owner is trying to untie the wire, the attacker will sneak in on them and kidnap them. This was the concocted claim by a TikToker but it has been debunked.

What about the coin in a car door handle myth?

Another legendary car tale involves the coin affixed to a car door handle. It is said in Snopes reports, that criminals do this to “override the car’s automatic locking mechanism.” This report gained the limelight in 2015.

Another suggestion on why criminals do this is to affix a tracker on the coin. This tracker on the coin can then be used to track your car to your house where they can commit their intended crime. The criminal(s) will be able to open your car door and loot the valuables there, even your car battery.

When Snopes swung into deep research to confirm if this was attainable, they reached out to mechanics and automobile professionals about this concept and to have their views.

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Their deep research also got to Caliber Collision Repair situated in New York to know if inserting a coin in the car handle can hinder or disable the electronic locking mechanism or the vehicle.

The mechanics debunked the reports as laughable and they said that such action can’t deactivate a car’s locking mechanism as the coin can’t alter the key’s locking mechanism.

This was further buttressed when Snopes also reached out to Arnold Chevrolet Buick in New York and asked the same question. They dismissed the insinuation and insisted that a coin in a door handle cannot affect the automatic car locking mechanism.

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