truconnect replacement phone

TruConnect Replacement Phone

Whether you lost your phone or it has been damaged and you seek to know about Truconnect replacement phone. This article will guide you on everything about Truconnect replacement phone and their license policies.

TruConnect Replacement Phone

Depending on your qualification and participation in the government. You can get a free device, a Tablet, or a laptop from the government. You must as well participate in an affordable connectivity program, Lifeline Connectivity, and other FCC programs.

TruConnect Free Government Phone Replacement

If you are a participant of Lifeline assistant and TruConnect is your provider, the following policy applies to the free phone you have received.

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If you have received a faulty phone under TruConnect Lifeline phone, you can return it within 90 days. You have to ship the phone to the company’s mentioned address at your expense. The inspection team from the company will decide if you are eligible for a replacement for free or not.

The phone you will receive as a replacement for the TruConnect phone depends on the available phones. You will likely not get the same model as you had earlier. It is important to reach out to the customer care service department when requesting a replacement.

TruConnect Replacement Phone Policy

The above-mentioned guide is related to free phones provided under lifeline assistant. Suppose you have already purchased any device or upgraded a phone; the following policy applies.

TruConnect does not make any phones or offer its own branded phones. This is to say that TruConnect is not responsible for any defects on your phone because it’s a cell phone service provider.

So, if you have a Samsung phone, you have to contact Samsung customer care and if you have an Apple iPhone then contact the Apple customer department. Note that the phone warranty varies based on brand.

Most device manufacturers offer a 1- or 2-year warranty on the device model and up to 6 months or 1 year on the mobile phone components like batteries. Suppose your device is physically damaged, you can’t apply for a replacement. It is because most manufacturing companies do not provide phone replacements when your device is damaged outside their warranty cover.

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How to Submit TruConnect Phone Replacement Complaint Request

If you have issues with your free phone provided by TruConnect, follow the steps to file for a device replacement.

Contact TruConnect customer care at 800-430-0443. You will be requested to provide details like your registered mobile number, IMEI number, and other details required by the customer service representative.

A customer service agent will provide you with some basic troubleshooting if it does not fix the issue on your phone. You will be given an address to ship the phone for repair.

Once they receive the faulty device, the inspection team will go through the device and inspect the problem. If it is a genuine problem, TruConnect will send you a replacement device at your address.

TruConnect Phone Replacement List

Many people ask the question of what phone they are to receive when they file for replacement. Unfortunately, it’s not in the hand of the customer to choose the exact model for a replacement. Below Is a list of mobile phones that you may receive as replacement devices.

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  • Newest BLU phone
  • Entrylevel Samsung phone
  • Entrylevel Nokia phone
  • Motorola Moto G Power
  • Latest Moto e model
  • Any NUU phone
  • Alcatel go flip 3

Final Thoughts

We believe this article serves your need on how to file for a TruConnect replacement phone. You can also connect to TruConnect support for further help or any other device replacementrelated questions.

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