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Top 10 1972 Plymouth RoadRunner Forums

The 1972 Plymouth Road Runner is very similar to the 1971 model when it comes to its look and design. The 1972 Road Runner remains one of the finest American muscle cars in the history of classic muscle cars. 

The exterior design of the 1972 model is very different from that of the earlier editions and this is the most notable distinction.

Most of the modifications that were made to the car’s engine were the result of newly enacted rules at the time concerning vehicle emissions. Because there were only approximately 7,000 of these automobiles produced, finding one on the road now is a bit of a challenge. 

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Meanwhile, the car got its name “Road Runner” from the sound that its horn makes. The horn makes a ‘beep beep’ sound which is similar to the sound made by the Road Runner character in the Loony Tunes cartoon series. 

There are a lot of 1972 Plymouth RoadRunner Forums and they serve different purposes. In this article, we will be listing the top 10 Plymouth RoadRunner Forums that owners of this rare car can leverage for information on it. See the list below.

10 Best 1972 Plymouth RoadRunner Forums

The Performance of the 1972 Plymouth RoadRunner

The engine block for the 1972 Plymouth Road Runner was available in 340, 400, and 440 cubic inch displacements, depending on the option the customer chose. 

The Road Runner also came with a standard 4-speed manual transmission and had an optional package for the transmission consisting of a 3-speed Torqueflite automatic transmission. 

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The carburetor system for the V-8 engine consisted of either four or six barrels. The car had a horsepower rating of 160. 

How The 1972 Plymouth RoadRunner Differs From Other Models

It can be recalled that the 1972 Plymouth Road Runner was one of the first cars to include an electronic ignition system

According to the product manuals, this resulted in a reduction in the amount of time required to start the engine and assisted in maintaining its tuned state for a greater amount of time. 

When compared to earlier versions of the Road Runner, the 1972 model was able to achieve optimal handling while traveling at higher speeds than its predecessors because of the improved aerodynamics. 

When compared to earlier models of the Road Runner, the 1972 model has a low body and a low center of gravity. Both of these features serve to reduce the chance of rollover when the vehicle is turning at high speeds. 

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The perfect muscular car look was achieved by Plymouth by combining a low front fender with a slightly elevated back bumper. This gave the car an aggressive stance. 

Also, a unique grill form was added to the 1972 Plymouth Road Runner in order to further enhance the car’s already stunning good looks.

That should be all for now. Meanwhile, folks on the lookout for 1972 Plymouth RoadRunner Forums should leverage the forums that were mentioned in this article.


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