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The Best Directv Music Channels (Guide)

As a DIRECTV music subscriber, you must have been trying to figure out DirecTV music channels. You may even wonder if they do have music channels. After going through this article today, you won’t be stunned if DirecTV music channels do exist. They do and there are many DirecTV music channels discussed here.

What Channel is the Music Choice TV on DIRECTV?

You can lay your hand on Music Choice TV starting from Channel 800 of your package subscription. You can also stream numerous music from Music Choice TV.

At Channel 800, you can stream old-school, dance, retro, and even folk, rock, etc. Having said that, lets look at the music genre you can access on DirecTV music channels.

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Music on DIRECTV’s Music Channels?

There are about 80+ music channels on DirecTV music channels. They are comprised of different music genres, styles, and lots more. If we opt to discuss all the 80+ DirecTV music channels, it will take a thousand pages. But we have picked out the most streamed channels to help you make nice choices.

801: Jazz Big Band or Swing

You can stream jazz music from this channel. Jazz music is often played in bars and bistro bars. In jazz music, a lot of instruments are used like pianos, light percussion, saxophone, and more. 801 channels in DirecTV music channels are a nice option to relax in a classy way.

818: Pop and Adult Contemporary (Hottest Hits)

If you like to know and play almost all the latest music in the music industry, channel 818 is your best bet. Channel 818 in DirecTV music channels is also called Music Choice Max. Thanks to the channel’s immediate update of the latest hit songs and releases.

828: Religious Music Channel (Hallelujah)

To listen to gospelfilled music, channel 828 in DirecTV music channels is your perfect pick. The channel is dedicated to playing Christian songs with high-up-tempo and hand-clapping. The music channel is just a replica of the Christian church music style.

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Visit the channel to have your soul filled with gospel music.

874: Salsa Music Channel

If you don’t want to start throwing your left leg, don’t jump into channel 874. Channel 874 on DirecTV music channel will bring out the dancer in you. It is also known as the Salsa music channel or you call it the Music Choice.


These are songs that will push you to dance and fill your mind with joy. It is a superb music pack in DirecTV music channels, filled with Spanish and Latin American dance songs.

865: Piano Music Channel

If you like music played with almost piano all through, then channel 865 is the one to pick. You can listen to numerous classic songs, and surprisingly, you will listen to your favorite song sooner.

So far, these are the top most visited music channels in the DIRECTV channel lineup. Below are other important DirecTV music channels you can visit.

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Other Directv Music Channels

  • 801 Jazz: Big Band/Swing                                                 
  • 843 Urban: Silky Soul
  • 802 Oldies: Malt Shop Oldies                                    
  • 844 Urban: Old School Funk
  • 803 Oldies: 60′s Revolution                                           
  • 845 Dance: Retro Disco
  • 804 Oldies: 70′s Hits                                                        
  • 846 Urban: The Boombox (Explicit Lyrics)
  • 805 Oldies: 80′s Hits                                                       
  • 847 Urban: Hype (Explicit Lyrics)
  • 806 Pop/Adult Contemporary: 90′s Hits                        
  • 848 Alternative: Coffeehouse Rock
  • 807 Rat Pack*                                                                  
  • 849 Rock: Soft Hits
  • 808 Country: Traditional Country                                  
  • 850 Jazz: Classic Jazz Vocal Band
  • 809 Country: Hit Country                                                 
  • 851 Jazz: Smooth Jazz
  • 810 Country: Red, Rock, and Blues         

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  • 852 Jazz*
  • 811 Country: Honky Tonk Tavern                                  
  • 853 Metro Blend*
  • 812 Bluegrass: Bluegrass                                               
  • 854 Specialty: Blues
  • 813 Folk: Folk Rock                                                        
  • 855 Great Standards*
  • 814 Country: Modern Country                                     
  • 856 Health & Fitness: New Age
  • 815 Holiday & Happenings*                                            

857 Health & Fitness: Zen
816 Pop/Adult: Today’s Hits                                             

858 Dance: SubTerranean
817 Pop/Adult Contemporary: Y2k Hits                          

859 Dance: Dance
818 Pop/Adult Contemporary: Hottest Hits                   

860 Modern Workout
819 Pop/Adult Contemporary: Love Songs                    

861 PUMP!*
820 Instrumental: Beautiful Instrumentals              

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862 Classic Rock Workout
821 Pop/Adult Contemporary                                          

863 International: Reggae
822 Standards: Silver Screen                                          

864 Classical: Symphonic
823 Standards: Showtunes                                             

865 Piano*
824 Groove Lounge*                                                        

866 Classical: Light Classical
825 Urban: Hot Jamz (Hip Hop)                                       

867 Specialty: Be-Tween
826 Religious: The Spirit                                                  

868 Specialty: The Playground
827 Religious: Gospel Glory                                             

869 Latin: Bailamos!
828 Religious: Hallelujah                                                  

870 Fiesta Tropical*
829 Rock: Hair Guitar                                                        

871 Latin Hits
830 Rock: Full Metal Jacket                                              

872 Music of the Americas
831 Rock: College Rock                                                    

873 Regional Mexican*
832 Rock: Adult Alternative                                              

874 Salsa
833 Rock: Classic Rock                                                    

875 Hurbano
834 Rock: Alternative                                                       

876 Mariachi*
835 Rock: Ink’d                                                                  

877 Carnaval Brasileiro*
836 Standards: Singers-Songwriters                               

878 Rock en Espanol
837 Classic Rock: Classic Hits Blend                                

879 Latin Jazz
838 Rock: Reality Bites                                                      

880 Familiar Favorites*
839 Alternative: Flashback/New Wave                            

881 Italian Bistro Blend*
840 Specialty: 8-Tracks                                                      

882 Italian Contemporary*
841 Rock: Spike (Explicit Lyrics)                                        

883 Irish*
842 Urban: Classic R&B                                                    

884 Tranquility*


We have tried to list out all the DirecTV music channels and also picked out the most visited music channels. You can have access to any kind of country music of your choice and if you are on the lookout for the best Directv Music channels are find any one interested, do well to recommend this article to them.

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