Replace Acura Mdx Glove Box Door

Replace Acura Mdx Glove Box Door (Guide)

If your Acura Mdx Glove Box Door is difficult to open, you can get it replaced without causing any harm to your car.

About Acura MDX

Acura MDX is a luxury mid-sized automobile produced by Japanese automaker Honda and was manufactured in line with its Acura luxury division in 2000. Succinctly, Honda has been in production of its second generation of Acura MDX glove box model as effect from 2007. And it comes with a V6 power unit and a fuel cap of 3.7 liters.

There are also quick-to-install glove box doors manufactured which can be installed by anyone without the help of a mechanic.

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If your Acura MDX glove box door is faulty. The first step to take is to close the glove box door before opening it. Secondly, when removing the glove box door, don’t apply pressure because, with force, you get it stuck in its place. If you have followed these steps and the door fails to open, you can go ahead and replace it.

Glove Box Removal & Installation | Acura Mdx Glove Box Door

When you want to remove the glove box, make sure that it doesn’t scratch the dashboard. Take every step with care. Use the form or get a table towel to cover the open surface from scratching the dash. Now follow the steps below to install the glove box.

  • While holding the box, detach the stops from each side and pull out the lock from the damper.
  • Now use your screw to remove the bolts, the glove box, and the damper.
  • Now follow the steps in reverse order to install the glove box.

Glove Box Door or Panel Replacement 

You can replace the glove box face with these steps below:

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  • First, get your hands on the inner handle of the box and remove it. Pry out the caps.
  • Now, with your wrench, unscrew the screw and you can easily remove the door hinges.
  • Switch the inner handle and move it forward and halfway out. This will give you space to disconnect the internal handle from its hinges. And be careful not to damage them or you can replace them entirely.
  • Now fix the new door on the hinges. Check to see if it’s well aligned before you can tighten the screw.

You have successfully replaced the door. Now check if it’s properly fixed by opening and closing it.

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