mazda 5 hatch leak

Mazda 5 Hatch Leak (Guide)

Are you surprised by your Mazda 5 Hatch Leak discovery? Looking at past occurrences, this is never a serious issue and we will be explaining why this happens.

When you start your Mazda 5 and put ON the air conditioning system. Condensation will form and there’s bound to see pools of water. These undispersed waters are found on the back of your engine compartment. If the water gets lodged at the tailpipe, then it’s condensation from the exhaust system. When the muffler gets hot, it will dry up or evaporate.

Locating the Root Cause of The Water Drainage Problem

If you noticed water dripping under your car. it’s necessary to know where the water is coming from. And then what caused it? So, to find out what causes the water to drip underneath your car. Do the following:

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Get a white piece of paper under your Mazda 5 hatch leak. Observe the fluid dripping if it’s of a different color. If the color is quite strange. Get your car diagnosed by a mechanic for probably fixes.

If the fluid that drips from your car has a blue, green, or yellow color. Then it’s the coolant that is dripping and not water.

Mazda 5 Hatch Leak Is Heavy

If your Mazda 5 hatch leak is flowing too much through the exhaust. Then it might be that your car gasket has been damaged. If the gasket is damaged due to rupture, it will affect the coolant to burn along with the gasoline. When this starts happening, your exhaust will release enough water with white smoke.

If its a coolant that is causing the leak, it will be easier to notice. Even at that, you should check the coolant level for security purposes.

Your windshield fluid reservoir can also cause Mazda 5 hatch to leak if damaged. When you pour water into the windshield wiper fluid. The water can be frozen in the reservoir. When the water has gotten much, it can hamper the reservoir. For fluid Mazda 5 hatch leak, observe the front tires. The fluid dripping there should be between light blue and light green.

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If the problem is beyond what you can discern. It’s necessary to call your mechanic or get your car to an auto repair shop to have it diagnosed.

What Kind Of Leaks Are Coming Out Of My Car?

You can use a piece of paper to lay underneath your car and check the fluid that drips. If the fluids are not transparent, it’s not a water leak. Use the indication below to identify what is leaking in your vehicle.

  • A red fluid drip means the transmission fluid or the power steering fluid is leaking.
  • The orange fluid color indicates a transmission or radiator coolant leak.
  • Radiator coolant will always leak a yellow color.
  • When Antifreeze leaks from the radiator, water pump, or hoses, its color is green.

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  • Windshield fluid leaks are always blue.
  • When your car suffers from a brake leak or older engine oil leak. You will see dark brown drips.
  • If your car had a recent gear lubricant or engine oil leak. The fluid will be light brown.
  • While pink fluid color means a power steering oil or transmission fluid leak.

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