kia tune up cost

Kia Tune Up Cost

It’s important to know what is involved in tuning up your Kia if you’re about to book a service with your dealer. Kia tune-up can cost about $400, though, this price varies depending on many factors. Such factors include the car model, year, location, and driving habits.

When carrying out a Kia tune up, the filter, plug, and vehicle fluids must be replaced. Therefore, Kia recommended driving 6,000 to 7,500 miles before you can take your vehicle for a tune up.

Even as Kia is fast upgrading its vehicles and its technological aspects, this has made it more rigid and durable. Even at that, it is necessary to tune up your Kia after you have driven for a year or so. The process will improve the overall performance of your vehicle.

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In this article, I will discuss what Kia tune up is all about and what comprises the bill.

How much does a Kia tune-up cost? 

As said earlier, Kia tune up cost about $400 which varies on the aforementioned criteria above. Like your location, driving system, and vehicle model.

It can cost up to $95 for Kia Forte‘s basic tune up. In contrast, the expensive Kia Sedona can cost up to $500 to tune up. Before carrying your vehicle to any mechanic for tune up, you should make inquiries from up to three different mechanics. Kia tune up can consist of basic tune up or rigorous tune up, and these factors are what affect the bill.

What does a Kia tune-up include? 

Kia tune up should be seen as another word for routine maintenance necessary to keep your car at standard performance. When you want to tune up your vehicle, be sure that the factors below will be considered.

  • Elements replacement in your vehicles such as spark plugs, caps, engine filters, and air filters
  • Replacement of defective and old fluids, belts, hoses, and other connections

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  • The mechanic will carry out an engine vacuum test to detect air leaks
  • A battery voltage check
  • The emission system of your vehicle will be checked to make sure that you’re up to EPA standards
  • The mechanic will use the OBD-II scanner to scan the trouble codes and other diagnostic equipment

How often should I get a Kia tune-up?

Kia has a standard distance coverage of 6000 to 7500 miles drive before you can tune up your vehicle. Depending on your driving style and the car model, if you drive in a stop-and-go situation, this can be every six months. While in a normal driving scenario, a Kia tune up should be done every nine months.

Though, it mustn’t be during the Kia tune up that you will change your car oil and filter. These items can be replaced when they’re due for replacement. There are some signs you can notice in your vehicle that indicate your car needs tune up. Find them below.

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  • The vehicle check engine light comes up
  • The gas mileage is decreasing
  • If you experienced slow acceleration in your vehicle.
  • Delayed cranking of the engine.
  • Car electrical components malfunction.
  • The engine makes weird noises.

Final Thoughts 

Carrying out a Kia tune up is essential to keep your vehicle performing at the optimal level. It will also prevent any future knock in the vehicle’s engine carrying out this maintenance service.

Also, you can improve your driving habit as this affects how often you will tune up the vehicle. Driving in a stop-and-go location will cause your engine to overperform thereby leading to quicker wear and tear.

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These are why you may carry out Kia tune up every six months. But if you can maintain a good driving habit, you should tune up your car after 9 months.

Lastly, note that Kia tune up cost between $400 and above and this depends on some variables like your car model, year, location, and your driving habits as mentioned earlier. Also, expensive Kia products can be tuned up at $500. It is ideal to check up to three different mechanics to get a cost before selecting who to tune up your vehicle.

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