how to fix driver seat recliner

How To Fix Driver Seat Recliner – Full Guide

You may have issues with your driver’s seat after using your car for a while. This could be cause for concern but you should have no worries as there are ways that the challenge can be addressed. 

Therefore, if your quest is to know how to fix driver seat recliner, then you’ve come to the right place. This is because we will be looking at proven methods to fix the driver seat recliner of your car once it gets faulty.

It is a no-brainer that several factors can cause your driver’s seat recliner to become jammed or unfastened. The most likely causes include excessive use, adding extra weight to it, and incorrect use of the seat itself. 

Some steps that you can take as a start is to remove the seat and apply lubrication oil to the nuts to make their motions more fluid. This is just one basic method that can help in fixing this issue. Continue reading to see more proven steps.

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Causes of Driver Seat Recliner Problems

Some common reasons why the power seat won’t move from its current position are listed below.

  • There is a problem with the wiring. 
  • Mechanical or electrical failure. 
  • The automobile seat The motor that reclines is broken. 
  • Rust or corrosion of the recliner due to exposure to water.
  • the locking mechanism of the recliner has corroded. 
  • The switch that allows you to recline the seat is broken. 
  • The mechanism that allows the chair to recline has some garbage stuck in it. 

How To Fix Driver Seat Recliner

Here are proven steps that should be taken to ensure that the driver seat recliner of your car is fixed successfully.

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Unscrew The Screws Located On The Back

Ensure that you examine the back of the car seat before detaching it from the vehicle. To detach the nuts that hold the seat in place, you can use a screwdriver to loosen the bolts. 

You should start by removing the two smaller screws. You can gain access to the splined shaft by unscrewing the very little bolt that is located on the right. 

Once this is done, remove the right screw and you will have access to the bar, which is just connected to the shaft and not the remaining element itself.

You may avoid unscrewing the left screw because doing so could result in the shaft being completely removed. You will need to rejoin the shaft, and then restart the process all over again from the very beginning. 

Use Glue On The Spline Shaft 

You must use quality glue on the spline shaft. Placing glue on the spline shaft will allow you to attach the spline shaft to the other shaft. This is the objective of putting glue on the spline shaft. 

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To avoid accidentally moving the seat in the wrong location, make sure you correctly position the shafts before the glue dries. 

Attach The Nips

The Nips should be attached to the bar by using a screwdriver with a flat head to screw the nips into place. Afterward, push the nips to the fullest degree possible, but try not to block any of the other components. 

If this is not possible, try pushing it back from the front side of the seat while someone else holds the screws in place. Exerting an excessive amount of force on it may result in the seat sliding backward. 

Install The New Shaft

After this, you will need to replace the shaft by placing the new one into the seat. When you measure the length of the new shaft, compare it to the length of the old one, and you’ll see that the new shaft is longer. 

The new shaft needs to be longer so that it can be pushed back until it is level with the edges of the seat. This is the reason for the increased length of the new shaft. 

If the diameter of the replacement shaft were any smaller, it would slide over the top of the bar, and you would be back where you started with the same issue. 

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Test the Seat Recliner 

You should try going to the front of the chair while you are checking the newly installed shaft. Once you get there, try pushing the seat backward with your feet. if you hear the sound of two metals rubbing against each other then the services of a trained expert might be needed. 

You need to check that the shaft is attached properly if the front seat moves quickly in either direction. 

How To Find Nuts On The Back Of The Seat

Most people notice that locating the bolts on the back of the seat is a more complicated task than restoring the recliner to its original position.

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If you slide your fingers under the compartment that is located on the back of the chair, you will be able to determine where the screws are located and remove them.

Tricks To Help You Fix Your Driver Seat Recliner

Turn the Nuts 

Before beginning the process of replacing anything, you should make sure that the bolts on the bar can turn easily by turning the nuts on them. 

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It is important to avoid violently moving the bolt if it is not moving smoothly, as the movement must be free. The slots that the bolts are supposed to go into need to be aligned with the brackets that are located at the rear of the seat. 

Apply Grease to the Shaft 

Although this may not be necessary, it is recommended that you oil or grease the shaft so that its action on the bar is more fluid and straightforward. 

It is not necessary to grease the entire shaft; only the ends need to be lubricated, and this will ensure that the seat does not become greasy. 

However, if the shaft does not slide in and out of the bar easily, you may need to re-insert it several times before it is properly aligned. 

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Is your driver seat recliner giving you problems? Are you asking the question; How to fix driver seat recliner? If your answer is yes, then this article will provide you with the much-needed solution to fix yours. 

We’ve provided you with procedures on how to go about the task as well as tricks that can be employed to make the work easier. Meanwhile, do not neglect the services of a trained professional if you can’t go about the procedures on your own.

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