how many jobs available in public utilities

How Many Jobs Are Available In Public Utilities

Wondering how many jobs are available in the Public utility sector. In this post, I will discuss all the available job opportunities or careers you can get into in the public utility sector. Unarguably, the public utility sector is the stronghold of every state and society.

Their role is unavoidable as they are tasked with many important services to render to the general public. Due to this, the public utility sector is fast increasing and there are many opportunities to welcome freshers and experienced personnel in the field.

Looking at how to get employed or exposed to job opportunities in this sector. You will need to attend most career fairs or you can search online.

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About Public Utilities in the U.S.

Public Utilities in the United States have a great positive impact on the booming American economy. This sector has been a major contributor to the rise of the US economy in the 2022 fiscal year. Another positivity in this industry is their ability to create stable employment with good benefits. Many jobs can suit you in the public utility sector.

On how many jobs are available in public utilities, let’s see below the opportunities available to you.

1. Electric Power Utilities Sector

Electricity is an integral and vital part of every state and business’s survival. Their importance cannot be overemphasized. In the United States, the electric power sector is divided into three main sectors: generation, transmission, and distribution.

Generation of Electricity: The workers here work at the electric power plants where the electrical power is generated. This sector boasted about employing over 172,000 people in the United States.

Transmission & Distribution Services: The transmission & Distribution Services sector is tasked to transmit and distribute electricity to residential and commercial consumers across the country. They also offer wholesale power sale services to big companies.

Biggest Companies in the Electric Power Transmission Industry in the U.S.

These are some of the places you can apply for jobs in the electric sector. The big firms are all competing for the market share and they also help to create most of the employment opportunities in the sector. To get a job here, underlisted companies are where you can check for job openings.

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  • Exelon Corporation
  • Florida Power and Light Company
  • Southern California Edison Company

2. Water and Sewage Utilities Sector

This is another employment opportunity base in the United States. Many companies can be found in this sector thereby creating job opportunities. They’re tasked with keeping our water resources clean and healthy.

The sector boasts about employing thousands of people in the United States. The companies here also oversee the treatment of wastewater, the treatment of plants, and the collection and disposal of wastewater.

They often work alongside local government authorities to ensure that the stipulated rules and regulations of wastewater are duly followed. This helps to reduce the widespread disease in the country. You can find a position here that will suit you and has a good rewarding salary.

3. Natural Gas Utilities Sector

As of 2020, the United States consumed about 30.5 (Tcf) of natural gas. That makes this sector a vibrant contributor to the US economic growth. And there are thousands of job opportunities as the need to reach all consumers in the state increases. So, if you’re looking for job opportunities in the public sector, consider the Natural Gas Utilities Sector.

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Below is place the natural gas is consumed and where you can find most jobs in this sector.

Natural Gas in the Electric Power Sector

Natural Gas is used in the electric power sector to generate electricity and produce useful thermal output for use. The United States consumes about 38 percent of all-natural gas to generate electricity. The thermal output from this sector is used for district heating, water heating, and other industrial purposes.

Natural Gas in the Industrial Sector

This is another place where you can get employed in the Natural Gas Utilities sector. From the report gathered by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, as of October 2020, the industrial sector used 33% of all the natural gas consumed in the country.

The increase in the consumption rate shows that it is a great fuel for process heating which the industry is mostly dealing with. Natural gas is clean-burning and efficient making it ideal to heat large and small areas. There are many jobs available in this field as many companies are switching over here for their process heating need.

Natural Gas in the Residential Sector

Another sector that provides employability in the Natural Gas sector is the Residential area. Natural gas is well consumed in the residential sector for cooking, heating buildings, and drying clothes. Opportunities abound here can be as a reseller of natural gas to direct consumers. And there are many companies in this field providing residents with natural gas for their consumption.

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Natural Gas in the Commercial Sector

Natural Gas in the commercial sector is another lucrative field in the natural gas utility sector. These are consumers who use natural gas for commercial purposes. It can be utilized to power cars, heat water, generate electricity, and many more. It is also consumed by manufacturing and other industrial companies.

Biggest Companies in the Natural Gas Sector

From the report on the consumption of Natural gas in the United States by big firms. ExxonMobil and Chevron are the leading oil and natural gas producers in the United States currently. Even as production has dwindled, these two big firms still control a major market share in the country.

You can get employed in this sector like working for Chevron through the hiring process here.  For job availability with Exxon Mobil, check here for career opportunities. 

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What is an Average Pay of a Utilities Worker?

You can take home annually $82,171 working with the public utility sector. The workers are engaged at 43.7 hours per week on average. Though, the salary stated above is an estimate and can vary depending on the sector you’re employed in and the job position. Be rest assured that there are many benefits for retirees in this field.

Working in this sector requires a school diploma and some jobs require specialized training and certification.

Final Thoughts

For stable and rewarding career growth opportunities, you should consider looking for employment in the Public utility sector.

There are thousands of jobs here and it’s expected to grow more as many people throng into the country and population growth. All these cause an increase in the consumption rate and need satisfaction. Also, the sector offers good benefits for retirees.

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