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How Many Jobs Are Available In Precious Metals?

If you’re thinking of how many jobs are available in precious metals. You should first consider how lucrative this industry is. That should give you an insight into how many job opportunities you can find here. With the relevant skill and certification, you can find your dream job over here.

In this article, I will be discussing 15 of the bestpaying jobs in the precious metal industry. With the information, you can see where you will fit-in in the industry. So, with that said, let‘s see the jobs that are available in precious metals.

List Of Available Jobs in Precious Metals?

The most common jobs in the precious metals industry:

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  • Goldsmith.
  • Quality control specialist.
  • Metals production specialist.
  • Precious metal worker.
  • Precious metal broker.
  • Jewelry and coin specialist.
  • Jewelry salesman, designer, or appraiser.
  • Precious metals advisor.

15 Best Paying Jobs Available In Precious Metals

1. A Jewelry and Coin Specialist 

This is one of the most lucrative jobs available in the precious metal industry. The job involves the specialist testing, purchasing, and selling collectibles. Such collectibles are precious metals, coins, and currency and you can earn up to $50,000 – $70,000 annually.

2. Jewelry Design

This job involves creating jewelry from a variety of materials. You can have access to gold, silver, and precious stones to design a piece of jewelry.

The jewelry is made out of precious metals for different fashions and styles. You can make necklaces, bracelets, wedding bands, and brooches. Jewelry design job can see you take home annually $40,000 to $50,000.

3. Jeweler 

This is someone who makes bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces. These iconic materials are produced from metals, gems, and other materials. It should be known that Jewelers also fix, adjust, clean, and give an estimate on a piece of Jewelry.

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4. Miner

This is a job opportunity in the precious metal industry that involves excavating minerals from the earth. This is an act of mining minerals. As a miner, you are involved with working on the rock surface.

This includes cutting, blasting, and every other method of removing the pieces of rocks. While mining on the other hand is an industry that offers most of the highest-paying employment. You can take annually between $50,000 and $60,000.

5. Lapidaries 

Those called Lapidaries are artisans who are skilled and specialized in working with precious metals and stones. Their work involves cutting, polishing, and sculpting minerals into fashionable jewelry. They can make up to $35,790 annually.

6. Gemologist 

For the uninformed, Gemology is the study of gemstones and their evaluation and analysis. These professionals are called Gemologists and they are saddled with figuring out the value of gemstones and confirming their authenticity.

This is a very specialized job in the precious metal industries and their workers are highly experienced in it. They make a huge amount of money from here annually also.

7. Jewelry Sales

This is a person who assists clients in discovering the ideal diamond ring, bracelet, earrings, or any item of jewelry for an intended occasion. You will be tasked to sell jewelry, maintain the store, and help customers identify the kind of jewelry they want to buy. This job involves you being versed in numerous metals, gemstones, and jewelry-making techniques.

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8. An Analyst in Precious Metals Operations

We also have the job opportunity of a Precious Metals Operations Analyst. The analyst will involve in the pioneering and growth of this highly successful multi-product organization. 

You will be tasked with the ability to study and assist with everyday Precious Metals activities in the organization. Lastly, you will have to study all precious metals and the process involved in working with them.

9. Precious Metals Advisor or Consultant 

A consultant in the precious metals industry is a specialist who advises individuals and businesses on precious metals. They are contracted or may be consulted when the need arises. They are part of the highestearning individuals in the precious metals industry, taking home about $81,687 per year. 

10. Metals and Steel Production Specialists

A precious metal specialist is those who can conduct feasibility studies about precious metals. They are also involved in formulating key requirements for production technological processes.

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Also, evaluate technical and organizational decisions in terms of the output quality of a designed mineral product. Specialist in precious metals industries is tasked with supervising the observance of production’s technological processes.

11. Precious Metal Broker

These are second-hand dealers in the precious metals industry. They are involved in purchasing and reselling precious metals. They will have to estimate a precious metal value based on market or retail value. The estimated precious metal can be in the form of collateral from individuals who want to borrow money.

12. Quality Control Specialist

These set of workers in the precious metal industries are involved with the testing and assessment of precious metals crafting and design. They will be active in product process improvements, make necessary repairs, identify product defects, and record, and report issues.

13. Jewelry Repair

This is another lucrative career in the precious metals industry. You can find many job availabilities in this industry to fix jewelry such as broken clasps. There are more complex tasks here too which are more rewarding.

14. Jewelry Sales Manager

These are individuals tasked with the sales process of crafted and designed jewelry. They are also involved in the design, crafting, and manufacturing of jewelry to meet their customers needs.

They are always working with clients to get the ideal design of the jewel they need. This task ensures that sales managers are vexed in the market and selling strategies.

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15. Jewelry Appraisal

Lastly in our list of jobs that are available in the precious metals industry is Jewelry Appraisal. Jewelry may be appraised due to insurance purposes, estate planning, or to know how much a piece of jewelry is worth. This task is handled by a professional appraiser who has in-depth knowledge of precious metals to estimate their value and worth.

Final Thoughts

We believe to have widened your knowledge on how many jobs are available in precious metals. Well, this is a lucrative and booming industry around the world. We can tell how much jewelry costs in the market. That means, by working in this industry, you can live above standard.

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