how many jobs available in finance

How Many Jobs Are Available In Finance?

The finance industry is a lucrative and well-rewarding field. There are many jobs available in Finance both fulltime and parttime. You can work as an accountant or chief financial officer in big companies and organizations. While small business owners can contact you for these services.

If you have gained insight into the industry before, there are many options you can target many roles as to your interest and expertise. So, lets look into the job opportunities that abound in the Finance industry.


Accountants are specialized in the keeping and preparing of the firm’s financial records to ensure that their firm complies with laws. Some companies allow accountants to have access to their paychecks and manage the firm’s payroll. They’re tasked with overseeing budgets, ledgers, and filing of tax returns of the company.

While accounting firms offer these services to an individual and business organization who needs to contract their services. Accounting firms are usually made up of financial experts in different fields of the finance industry.

Investment banker

These are workers who are specific to investment banks. They’re tasked to support organizations and the government to raise capital, executing mergers and acquisitions of merging companies.

They’re also involved in the management of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). These financial aspects of the finance industry involve a lot of people and businesses. And this creates an avenue for investment bankers to serve as an advisor or middlemen.

For instance, when launching an IPO, the investment bankers are responsible for the organization’s prospectus. The prospectus is a legal document filed on behalf of a firm with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) before it can offer an investment opportunity (stocks) to the public. Investors will now decide whether to invest with the firm or not using the legal document.

Financial Advisor 

If you enjoy working directly with families and individuals, becoming a financial advisor will be a great job for you. A financial advisor is also called a financial consultant or planner.

They’re individuals who assist individuals and families to make financial decisions. The financial advisors must be well-versed in numerous parts of the finance industry such as Mortgages, savings, investments, and to retirement.

From the analysis made available, financial advisors are expected to grow by 4% from 2019 to 2029. With the rate of population increase, there seems to be a higher need for financial advisors. Especially, the Covid19 inspired the growth of this field as people battle with their finances while sitting at home.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts are individuals who work with banks and other fund lending agencies to determine people’s and businesses’ creditworthiness. From the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a financial analyst’s job availability is expected to grow by 55 percent between 2019 and 2029.

This sees their job opportunities grow faster than other occupations. Practitioners here will analyze the financial statement and histories of a business to determine if they’re creditworthy, or if their credit line can be extended. A financial analyst is also employed in big firms to analyze projects and asses investment ideas of the firm.


Financial institutions are always on the lookout for how to grow their firm and reach out to potential customers. For these purposes, marketers will be needed to reach the wider market with their vast knowledge of marketing and proven results.

As an individual who is versed in marketing and exposed to finance, you will find this job position well-rewarding to venture in.

Junior tax associate 

This is entrylevel in the finance industry. You can start your career after varsity as a junior tax associate from which you will gain a wider insight into the finance industry. You can as well horn your skills as a tax advisor and lots more if you take this path in the long run. The job is well rewarding both in experience and salary.

Financial Examiner

This is a job in the finance industry that tasks the financial examiner to enforce rules and regulations in a firm. This field is expected to grow by 75 percent from 2019 to 2029.

As a financial examiner, you will be tasked to ensure that firms obey the new financial and tax regulations. They can also be consulted about laws related to financial management and overall business financial aspect.

Loan Officer

Another job you can find in the finance industry is the Loan Officer job. Here, the loan officers will evaluate, authorize, and recommend approval of loan applications for individuals and businesses.

This field is projected to grow by 3% from 2019 to 2029 and they’re often employed by commercial banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, and other financial institutions.

Other Finance Degree Job Opportunities

There are other finance degree job opportunities you can explore. Some of the available opportunities include the following:

Financial planner: You can get certification in this field to assist firms to design and develop financial plans for businesses and individuals. They also help their clients to make financial decisions, meet financial objectives, and to have control of their money.

Broker: This set of people works as a mediator between two parties when it involves financial exchanges.

Insurance underwriter: Insurance underwriters must be well-versed in the risks related to insurance liabilities and help their firm to make a profound financial decision.

Bankers: These are a set of people who work with financial institutions such as banks, credit unions, etc. They’re tasked to help and assist their organization‘s customers with financial services as offered by the firm. They can work as tellers in banks and customer relations officers in banks.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a degree holder in finance, there are many jobs available for you that are high-paying. Those in the tax sector can set up tax consulting portfolios to manage and assist individuals and firms in filing tax returns. And for aspiring individuals who wish to join the fast-growing finance industry.

You can enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics degree program or Master of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Finance degree program at Grand Canyon University.

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