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Have You Been Injured in a Trucking Accident?

For you to have visited this page, chances are you’re searching to hire a Chicago truck accident lawyer for many reasons.

This might be because you or your loved one has been involved in a motor vehicle accident involving a commercial truck. Accidents with large commercial trucks are always hefty in damage. And without a professional lawyer, you may not recover the damages to your truck and injuries sustained.

For these purposes, we stand to provide you with a professional lawyer who is well-versed in Chicago state’s law against accidents involving heavy trucks. Our professional lawyer will help you get the full financial compensation allowed under Illinois law for your trucking accident injuries and damage.

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The personal injury attorneys at Chicago Accident Attorney are committed to seeing that you receive your full compensation permissible under Illinois law for accidents caused by truckers.

Even if the accident involved a semi-truck and you lost a loved one. Our firm will assist in pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit and assist with your recovery.

If you’re wondering what it will take to consult our firm for a truck accident. You can use any of the links provided here to contact us directly.

Hire the Right Truck Accident Lawyers

You have been dumbfounded by the complexities of your commercial vehicle accident claim. You’re now looking for help with your injury case from an experienced truck accident attorney.

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Truck accidents lawsuit is very complicated than other car accidents and collision. The reason behind their case complexity is the insurance companies that are defending these commercial truck companies. When a truck crashes into passenger cars and SUVs, there are many parties involved in this event.

What to Do If You Hit a Semi-Truck on the Highway or Interstate

Almost all states across the country have laws for automobile collisions and semi-truck accidents. Illinois is one of them with its state’s law against accidents involving large commercial trucks.

In Chicago, all interstate trucking companies are to register with the Illinois Commerce Commission before they commence operation in the state. They will receive their safety permit before they operate on interstate highways.

If you’re involved in an accident with a commercial truck. You should take the steps below immediately after the accident occurred.  The first thing to do is to report to the police the truck accident.

Contact your insurance firm to report to them for help investigating the personal injury claim. If you can get the truck driver’s license number, name, phone number, and insurance information. Do so and have the data for further investigation.

If the truck accident involves numerous cars, you can get the information of others involved in the accident. This is a custom rule, never admit or apologize to the truck driver when involved in an accident. Whether the trucker smashed your car or you ran into his trucker, never apologize or admit wrongdoing.

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Ensure that the trucking company contacts your insurance carrier when they have been notified of the accident.

Lastly, go to a nearby clinic to have a body check. Even if you don’t have any physical injury, a medical checkup after an accident is very important.

Have the best professionals Handle Your Tractor-Trailer Truck Accident Case While You Focus on Your Recovery

Working with our Illinois truck accident lawyer ensures that your injury case is treated with the highest law covering it. Their professional lawyers work with your best interests in mind and to make sure you receive the full compensation as provided by Illinois law.

They are professionals in the Federal Safety Regulations that involve large trucking companies and have won many cases in favor of their clients and they received their complete settlement. This is valid by demonstrating that the violation of these regulations contributed to the crash.

They have also prosecuted cases involving semi-tractor-trailers across Illinois and the Midwest and have been able to recover millions of dollars in settlements in commercial vehicle collisions for their clients.

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For the sake of semi-truck accidents, their well-versed lawyer on semi-truck accidents will be on hand to work through your case to make sure you’re settled for the physical and emotional trauma caused by your trucking accident.

Begin the Legal Process Today. Hire A Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer

Get connected with the law firm today for a free consultation with an experienced Chicago truck accident lawyer. They also have their personal injury lawyers handy to discuss and guide you through the case in Illinois.

Their law practice covers areas involving tractor-trailer accidents and personal injury lawsuits involving large commercial trucks. You can contact the law firm for a no-obligation, free consultation in the Chicago area.

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