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Chrysler Check Engine Light – Causes & Fix

How many miles can you drive with the check engine light?

Is your Chrysler check engine light showing while you’re on the move? If your answer is yes, then you should know that It could be triggered by anything from a faulty sensor to wires that might need replacement or tightening.

If your car’s check engine light is showing, then you should pull over and get help from your mechanic. This is because check engine codes deliver different messages according to their severity and this could come into effect depending on the miles that your car can go.  Regardless, it is advisable not to go beyond 50 to 100 miles when this light comes on.

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What could cause the check engine light to come on in a Chrysler 300?

A steady glow is an indication of a minor fault while a flashing check engine light means something very serious with your Chrysler 300 that needs urgent attention. Therefore, when this occurs, it’s important to contact Chrysler service to know the next line of action. So, here are reasons why your check engine light might come on.

Your Chrysler 300 has a vacuum leak: Chrysler 300 comes with a vacuum system that’s integrated with a lot of functions. The vacuum system regulates harmful emissions by directing the fumes as your car’s gasoline burns through the engine.

If your car’s RPM is high in idle or randomly surges, then your car has a vacuum leak fault. Over time, vacuum hoses get weak and start to crack if they have been exposed to extreme heat or speeding.

Another most common fault of the check engine light is a loose gas cap, damaged or missing. The Chrysler 300 gas cap has many purposes. It hinders the gas fume from evaporating when you’re not driving, it covers the fuel system and maintains pressure within the fuel tank.

Your mass airflow sensor (known as MAF) needs to be replaced if it’s the reason for the check light. A faulty Chrysler 300 MAF can trigger this warning because it measures the amount of fuel your car needs to run the engine efficiently.

It does this by measuring the air supply needed by your car’s engine. As part of the engine system, it regulates and adjusts changes in your engine like altitude. So, if you noticed your Chrysler 300 has an issue starting, idling rough, or your throttle has shifted from the usual state, this is a sign of faulty MAF.

The battery is low or dead. When your Chrysler 300 battery is low or dead, it triggers this warning. So, if you have a dead battery, you can’t do anything with your car until you replace it, or if it’s low, you can charge it.

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New Spark Plugs or Plug Wires are paramount for your Chrysler 300. The spark plugs are there to ignite the air/fuel collection in the combustion chamber of your Chrysler 300.

These spark plugs are what cause the car pistons to move and help the engine run. The spark plug is in charge of delivering spark from the ignition coil to the spark plugs. If these spark plugs are faulty or dead, you should replace them.

Issues with any aftermarket items. An aftermarket of anything on your car like alarm, exhaust, or substituted item can cause the check engine light to come on if they’re not properly installed.

The aftermarket parts of your vehicle can drain the battery and even cause poor electric flow in your car. If you notice something like this in your car, consider taking it to a mechanic for proper adjusting and fixing.

Your catalytic converter is bad or going bad. The catalytic converter is part of the car’s exhaust system. It functions by turning the carbon monoxide produced by the combustion process into carbon dioxide.

If your catalytic converter is faulty and you don’t get it fixed sooner. Your vehicle will fail to pass an emission test, indicate poor engine performance, and will cause your fuel to drain quicker. It will also cause you fuel economy.

Your O2 Sensor (Oxygen Sensor) needs to be replaced. The Oxygen sensor, referred to as the O2 sensor, measures the oxygen your exhaust system receives. If the sensor is bad, your car will burn fuel faster and your car will have fuel economy issues. When you fail to replace a failed O2 sensor, it can affect your car’s fuel economy and also damage your Chrysler 300 catalytic converter and spark plugs.

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Check Engine Light Service Chrysler 300

When driving and you notice the check engine light illuminating, you might be deeply worried about the cause of this, especially if you are a new car owner. However, ignoring your car’s warning could lead to severe damage to your car’s engine. So, don’t take all warnings lightly even if you’re an old car owner.

So, your Chrysler 300’s ECM (electronic control module) identifies any electronic control fault in your car that it can’t correct. The computer onboard system (the ECM) sends the check engine light.

Once the light is triggered, the ECM records the engine code in its memory to help experts identify the cause. This code can be read using an electronic scan tool by auto experts to find the fault with your car.

What Does the Check Engine Light Mean?

The check engine light can be triggered by different errors; therefore, it means a variety of things. For educational purposes, the check engine light can mean your gas cap is loose or an indication your engine is about to knock.

Chrysler 300 Check Engine Light

As said earlier, when your check engine light flashes. It means a serious problem with your Chrysler and needs urgent attention. Don’t waste time taking your car to a mechanic if the light is flashing as it may cause severe damage to your car if you continue using it.


Chrysler 300 Check Engine Light Flashing

Another reason for your Chrysler check engine light to flash might be a bad head gasket, malfunctioning of the fuel injection system, dirty mass airflow defective sparks, or even a damaged oxygen sensor.

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Will the check engine light reset itself?

Yes! But only when you have fixed the cause that triggered the check engine light.

Chrysler 300 Check Engine Light Codes

The term diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), is used to refer to the check engine light codes. These are car computer codes stored by the ECM for the diagnosis of your car. Meanwhile, reasons for the light, include:

  • Bad Spark Plugs
  • O2 Sensor
  • Fuel and air metering systems problems
  • Computer output circuit defects
  • Old Battery
  • Ignition system faults
  • Emissions control faults
  • Loose Gas Cap or Missing Gas Cap
  • Transmission issues
Is it safe to drive your Chrysler 300 with the check engine light on?

Depending on the light indicator on the check engine, if the light illuminates, it might be less issue but still, require attention. But when the light flashes, your Chrysler 300 requires urgent mechanic attention.

How much does it cost to get the engine light checked?

The cost to diagnose and test the engine light can range between $88 and $111.

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Final Thoughts

We believe you must have learned a lot from this article as regards your check engine light and the possible causes. As stated above, don’t take any error indication of your car lightly as it may impact your car’s engine without further notice.

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