Car Alarm That Integrates With Nissan Leaf

Car Alarm That Integrates With Nissan Leaf

Cars are getting more automated and smarter with astonishing features. And more are expected shortly. With the level of technological advancement, we have seen a car alarm that can integrate with a Nissan Leaf. This is for major security reasons.

With the advancement of car techs, hackers are as well on the increase to take control of your vehicle. And we can’t define what the next phase of advancement will look like from the hacker’s point of view.

So, if you think your car doesn’t need an alarm to trigger when there is a cyberattack on it. You’re missing out and should be educated that cars can be remotely controlled these days.

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NissanConnect Features & Apps

NissanConnect Services allows drivers to lock and unlock their car, track their vehicle, check the fuel level, and even start their car. With the NissanConnect App, you can schedule an automatic oil change, check your account information online, and also receive text messages.

With NissanConnect®, you can remotely control your Nissan Leaf, lock or unlock doors, see in real-time your fuel levels, adjust the climate change, and can also play media with your phone Bluetooth®. You can also use the map for navigation purposes, listen to the news, and do a lot of things.

Nissan Leaf Security Flaw Puts Vehicle Telematics Apps Under Scrutiny

As smartphone advances in techs, many firms have started developing and testing mobile apps. These apps are capable of operating some features in your car like locking and unlocking your car doors, checking your car battery, etc. also, these apps can have security flaws which can grant access to hackers to steal your personal information.

It has been confirmed by Nissan that the NissanConnect EV app (that allows drivers to remotely operate their cars) is out of service due to a security breach. Also, Nissan has sourced an independent IT consultant to work on the issue and find any clues and resolve them.

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To buttress your doubts, you can’t lose access to your car if you use the app. What happens now is you can’t remotely control your vehicle. But can do all these right inside your Nissan Leaf.

How to Remote Start Nissan Leaf

You can remote start your Nissan leaf with your OEM factory key. To do this, get into your car and press the lock button three times and remote start will be activated. Your vehicle will run for about 15 to 16 minutes and will stop automatically.

When you’re ready to drive out, get into your car and press the unlock button and zoom off. There are no additional keys or valets needed for this action.

The OEM can work with any factory fobs out there. And you can as well use it to lock and unlock your car doors, open your car trunk, and even start the engine.

That means, there are zero worries about losing your key. Also, the OEM factory key has an application you can use to support your remote operations. You can check it out there and get it for your vehicle.

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