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Buick Check Engine Light – Causes, Symptoms, Fix

We can bet that you want the best out of your Buick automobile with regards to its operation and also want to derive utility from its usage. 

However, there are some issues that may arise that may be a cause for concern and must be resolved as quickly as possible to ensure that your car is in the best possible state and optimum working condition.

If your Buick check engine light is on, it is not an ideal situation and could be a pointer to major problems such as engine failure, and transmission malfunction, amongst others. These are major issues that could arise if you ignore the sign.

Also, the check engine light does not reveal much about what is wrong with the car. Therefore, in this article, we will be providing you with every detail concerning your Buick check engine light as well as the steps you should take to reach an ideal solution.

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Common Symptoms

  • The engine runs rough or won’t start. 
  • Poor throttle response 
  • The check engine light is always on or flashing. 
  • Overheating of the engine 
  • Exhaust-related smoke, amongst others.

These are possible performance issues that could come up and cause your Buick check engine light to come on. However, it should be known that these performance issues may not come up if the check engine light came on because of an EVAP leak.

Buick Check Engine Light issues to look out for

It is a no-brainer that a flashing check engine light should never be ignored, especially if it is followed by the trembling and juddering of the engine.

It could be indicating an engine misfire, and this can cause damage to the catalytic converter and other components of the engine. Here are some situations you should take seriously.

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The check engine light comes on sometimes 

The onboard diagnostic system in your car has decided that something is amiss and must be repaired. Although your car may appear to be in good working order, it is best to have it serviced as soon as possible to avoid further problems. 

The check engine light is on and the Car’s performance has reduced

If you notice a persistent drop in performance of your car when the check engine light is on, your car may have entered “limp-mode” to prevent further damage. In this situation, you should opt for a reliable service center or have the vehicle towed to one to avoid further complications.

The Check Engine Light is blinking whilst driving

If your check engine light is flashing regularly, it usually means there is a significant problem with your vehicle and you should pull over as soon as possible. 

To be safe, if you are not close to any servicing location, it is advisable to transport it there. A towing service will suffice in this situation.

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Causes of Check Engine Light in Buick

1. Damaged Spark Plugs or Spark Plug Wires

You will ultimately need to replace your spark plugs or spark plug wires. 

Your spark plugs produce a hot spark, which ignites the air-and-fuel mixture in the cylinder and allows your engine to start and run. They can cause your engine to misfire, lowering fuel economy, and performance, and even stopping it entirely. 

1. Gas Cap Is Loose

Your gas cap is either loose, broken, or missing. Fuel pressure can be reduced and fuel vapors can escape, lowering fuel economy and raising hazardous emissions. 

1. Faulty Oxygen Sensor

If your oxygen sensor has been exposed to hot exhaust gas for an extended period of time, it may need to be replaced. The oxygen sensor feeds critical information about the air-fuel combination to the ECU. 

A defective oxygen sensor can cause your vehicle’s computer to provide too much or too little gasoline to the engine and this can cause total engine failure. On the other hand, if the gasoline s much, it can result in excessive smoke.

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1. Failing Catalytic Converter

Over time, your catalytic converter can become clogged with material, especially in higher mileage automobiles. The catalytic converter is an essential component of the emissions system, as it removes dangerous carbon monoxide.

A faulty or clogged catalytic converter can have a significant influence on the fuel economy and performance of a car.

How to Reset the Buick Check Engine Light 

If you notice that the Check Engine Light of your Buick is on, as always, the most ideal step is to visit a service center where seasoned professionals can properly diagnose and repair any problems.

Meanwhile, another method exists that can be used for Buick Check Engine Light reset. This method requires the use of an OBD-II scanner. Follow the steps if you have acquired one or have one already.

  • Turn off the ignition and set the parking brakes before parking the Buick. 
  • Locate the OBD-II port beneath the dashboard and connect your OBD-II scanner to it. 
  • Start the engine but do not turn on the ignition. 
  • Allow the scanner to begin communicating with the vehicle. 
  • Read the codes on your OBD-II scanner by pressing Read Codes or Read Fault Codes, depending on the scanner. 
  • Resolve all concerns discovered in the previous step. 
  • Return to the main menu and choose Clear Fault Codes, then OK. 

This process has been proven to work in newer vehicles such as Lesabre, Buick Enclave, Verano, Encore, and Rendezvous, amongst others.

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Conclusion: Buick Check Engine Light Issues

In this article, we’ve talked about the Buick Check Engine Light and why it is not ideal for the light to come on as it indicates a problem with the car.

The light could come on due to several reasons and we also outlined some of them in this article. One major hint is that you should avoid much use of your car if the check engine light is one and take it for repair and maintenance.

We also advised reaching out to qualified technicians and also the use of an OBD-II scanner to check for possible error codes with your Buick. 

Do well to adhere to the advice that has been laid out in this article to ensure that your Buick is continually in good working condition.


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